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Co-commissioned by DanceEast & ROH2

This full-length work, based on the parable of ‘The Prodigal Son’, brings to life the intensity and drama of rustic village life through dance theatre, live fado music, design by designer Jean-Marc Puissant and a cast whose ages range from 26 to 82!

Set high on a hill looking over the sea lies the magnificent village of Porto Moniz, Madeira. The golden boy of the Costa family flees on his wedding day, jilting his faithful bride in order to sow his wild oats. However, when the prodigal son returns, there is much for his family to celebrate... and though the jilted bride's tears water a hungry garden, a wronged woman must take her revenge!

"A substantial and serious piece, which confirms Pita as a man to watch"

The Telegraph 

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